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Our Group-Buy Story

A few years back, a group of about 10 families will gather money together at the end of every month to purchase foodstuffs in bulk from big farm markets in Lagos, Nigeria. The bulk foodstuffs will then be shared in proportion to each family's monetary contribution. Through this method, each family was able to save up to 20% on the amount of money spent in purchasing foodstuff on a monthly basis with up to 70% less delivery cost.

This is our personal story and we want to share this shopping experience with you on a weekly basis, with up to 40% reduction in foodstuff prices.

Every week, we come together as a community and use our bulk purchasing power to purchase directly from farmers in order to achieve our shopping goals.

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✅ WEEKLY SHOPPER: Shop weekly with up to 40% reduction on the usual retail prices.
✅ COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR: Shop weekly and also earn a commission when you refer others with your unique coupon code or URL.
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For as low as #500, your orders will be delivered to you weekly. Delivery starts every week from Thursdays through Saturdays based on location.

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Why Weekly shopping?

To save you money on your foodstuff purchases and also allow you to shop directly from farmers.

when can i order?

You can order between Saturdays to Tuesdays. Delivery takes place from Thursdays through Saturdays depending on location.

How to buy?

To make an order, go to the shop page, click on add to cart on all items you want to buy. Apply coupon and check-out.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) for weekly shopping?

No, there is no minimum or maximum order quantity for weekly purchases.

How do I apply a Coupon Code?

You can apply a coupon code at the checkout stage while shopping.

What is the Payment Structure like?

Currently we do a "Pay before delivery" service because every week, we go to different farms and farm markets across different states to purchase products in bulk.

When is weekly delivery?

We distribute every group members' orders starting from Thursdays on a weekly basis.

Why weekly delivery?

Weekly deliveries enable us to gather all orders together and save you up to 70% on delivery costs.

Can I make a special order?

You can make special orders for items on the site. For example, if you want palm wine or vegetables in bulk on a daily basis, we can arrange for daily delivery directly from the farm. You will also pay the regular delivery fee depending on your location.

Why is there not much product on the site like a normal grocery store?

As it is, FarmOfftake is not a regular grocery store. We take our time to work directly with farmers, so as to ensure healthier produce and weekly savings due to direct bulk purchase from the source. We are always adding new products as we onboard farmers

Is there a refund Policy?

Yes, if for any reason at all there is a need to reject the order, we always provide some form of replacement or cashback for our customers.

Can I order for other people with my coupon code?

Yes, you can always order for anyone else who is not registered on the site. We will handle the delivery and you can make money from doing this if you sign-up as a community ambassador.

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